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Top Tips for Training Troublesome Pups!

Top Tips for Training Troublesome Pups!

Most dog owners will know that puppies can be hard to manage, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Training your puppy from a young age can help you to build a strong relationship with them and set them up with valuable life skills. So to give you some guidance, we’ve put together some top tips for training your dog!

  • Take them to training classes – the best way to get your dog socialised and familiar with the basics is to take them to a training class. But make sure the class is right for you and your dog before joining.
  • Teach them the basics from early on – teaching your dog basic commands and life skills early on can help prevent behavioural issues from arising.
  • Show them they’re doing well – if your dog does something right, make sure you reward them for it, for example by giving them a treat, by verbal praise and showing them lots of attention or by playing with them.
  • Don’t expect instant changes – training your dog can take time so try not to get frustrated if they aren’t picking up on things as quickly as you’d like them to. It can also be more effective to train your dog in small bursts so that they don’t lose focus or become too overwhelmed.

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