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How to Prepare Your Pet for Boarding (Top Tips and Advice)

How to Prepare Your Pet for Boarding (Top Tips and Advice)

At Campus Vets and Pets, we understand that for some cats and dogs, coming to stay in a new environment can be nerve-wracking! We’ve put together some tips on how to prepare your pet for boarding and help them feel happy and comfortable coming to a kennels or cattery for the first time…

How to prepare your pet for boarding

Arrange social calls and day-stays

Bring your pet to meet the team and get familiar with the surroundings before their stay. You could book them in to stay for the day, or arrange to drop by for a social call. This way, your pet will begin to build up confidence in the kennels/cattery and become more familiar with the staff, which means they’ll be more comfortable when the time comes for them to stay for a little longer.

Choose a reputable boarding facility

It’s very important to ensure the boarding service you choose is led by staff who are experienced and knowledgeable; with good handling procedures in place for anxious pets. Read more about how to choose a boarding kennels or cattery

Talk to staff about your pet’s needs

If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, tell your pet’s caregivers! Boarding staff are there to ensure your pet is as comfortable as they can be during their stay, and will be more than willing to discuss your pet’s individual needs. The team can ensure your pet is not left alone for long periods and that they receive the extra care and attention they need to feel comfortable. They may also be able to make accommodations to your pets routine where needed.

Bring familiar blankets and toys

When your pet is going to stay somewhere new, pack a little bit of home to go with them! A favourite toy or blanket will smell like you and your home, and will be a welcome comfort for them as they settle in to their holiday accommodation.

Spend some extra time together before you go

Spending a little extra time with your pet can help both of you. A little goes a long way: a few extra snuggles on the sofa or an extra daily walk can make all the difference!

Ensure your pet’s vaccinations and medications are up-to-date

Most kennels/catteries will not accept an animal unless they have had all their vaccinations to ensure they are not susceptible to infectious diseases.

It goes without saying that you will miss your pet whilst you’re away, but just remember: if you’re comfortable and confident when you drop off your pet, the more likely it is your pet will feel comfortable. Plan ahead and you’ll both feel more ready for your temporary separation.

At Campus Vets and Pets our staff our highly experienced and trained to care for dogs or cats with separation anxiety. As animal lovers and pet owners ourselves, we will ensure your dog or cat is looked after in a way we would want someone to look after our own pets. If you would like to have a non-obligatory chat to discuss your pet’s needs, call a member of our boarding team on 0113 467 8650 or request a callback. To read more about our facilities and service please visit our boarding page. 

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